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forced in to machines
         pitchslip hz




"what does igbc stand for?
do you guys ever play?
i'll come!
it reminded me of a clown party where they invited some elephants over to drink coffee and pop pills..."
    Big Pink Kelly

"After reading the write-up on your music, I was pretty nervous. Seriously, I was expecting ear-splitting, eye-bleeding, speaker-popping noise or something even more dangerous. But it's actually really fantastic stuff."

"IGBC kicks all kinds of ass"
    Otis Haket

"The live show sounds like you are tuning into 2 radio stations simultaneously"

"#2 best electronic band in Thunder Bay for 2012"
    The Walleye (Thunder Bays arts & culture magazine reader survey)

"#3 best electronic band in Thunder Bay for 2013"
    The Walleye (Thunder Bays arts & culture magazine reader survey)

"He's (IGBC) been a fixture in Thunder Bay electronic music much longer than I have.  He is my inspiration, and I owe him a great deal"
    The Shallow Void


 IGBC made a bunch of music.  IGBC was spawned in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada...eh? and kicked out the jams for more than 10 years since starting in 2002.  IGBC is registered with SOCAN/ASCAP so it's totally legit.  IGBC  made 6 albums plus a live album of questionable merit.  IGBC died a slow death but may once again rise from the dead to be the lord and savior of all.

  IGBC is primarily an electronic/free form studio project produced and recorded by Peter David Wragg.   IGBC releases are available courtesy of their own independent record label  VILENESS MUSIC and most are on bandcamp for your disposal.  Further production by Peter David Wragg will be released under any number of aliases such as FORCED IN TO MACHINES and Pitchslip Hz.

  If you would like to study IGBC further please set aside some time to immerse yourself  into each and every song available.  Take the free tour and see what the fuss is all about by exploring this outstanding website.

  The Management